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eTravelSuite Travel Operations Automation:

Travel Marvelz works with your travel agency to automate the workflows that make you stand out and surpass your competition. Our mid-office automation suite empowers your organization by offering premium services with minimal incremental costs. eTravelSuite is a robust and flexible infrastructure that implements any agency process across multiple GDSs at once and along any budget.


eTravelSuite can automate the following travel agency tasks:

Booking Quality control/Fraud prevention

Provider contract compliance and management

Automated Recurring seat checks

Fully-customizable PNR processing

Reservation data exports


Auto-schedule change processing

Recurring waitlist clearance checks

Merchant of Record Processing

E-ticket tracking

Travel Consultancy:


Our experienced team has strong travel domain expertise in various streams - tour operator business processes, hotel and travel property rate allocation and yield management, GDS integration, travel agency operations and fare management. This expertise is further strengthened by the strong business relationships that we have been able to establish.

We have leveraged this knowledge, along wth our technical expertise, to create a dedicated team of travel technology professionals who are experts in areas such as online reservation and booking engines, payment gateway integration, GDS connectivity, white labels and affiliates, tour operator trade management, revenue management and accounts integration.


Our dedicated team offer consulting solutions to tour operators and travel agents looking towards enhancing productivity and return on investment from their IT spend. Our team combines extensive travel domain knowledge with technical experience that enables them to understand the versatile needs of the travel industry.



Services offered include:

Product Roadmap Consulting

E-Commerce Strategy Planning

Legacy Systems to Web Integration

Integration & Interfacing with existing Applications

GDS Connectivity

Testing, Maintenance and Support